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Why You Need to Learn How to Grow Taller in 2011

Sometimes we spend so much time learning how to grow taller in our pursuits to increase our height that the underlying, core reasons why we have the goal to increase our height can be shuffled around in the mix.

Height – in this day and age – is at a premium. It is true, that in a “perfect world” a person’s height would have absolutely no impact on their social, romantic, or professional standing in any way, shape, or form – just as their race, nationality, or gender would.

However, that is not the case. Yes, it’s sad but it’s also true.
The sad fact is that heightism is a very real phenomenon in which a person is unfairly judged by their height, more often than not in a negative way.

Heightism seems to strike in the workplace more commonly now than ever before. That, or it is finally just now getting at least a fraction of the attention that it deserves.

It is no secret that taller people tend to be favored over shorter people in the hiring process, in the selection for promotions, and even when it comes time to be considered for a raise. One of the most startling aspects about this is that heightism can occur even when there is not another, taller candidate in competition for the job opportunity, promotion, or raise.

Heightism in a less concrete role takes place in the realm of social norms and relationships as well. A recent study of well over 1,000 women showed that a shocking majority of them favored men that had been convicted of felonies over men that stood under the United States national average of 5’9”.

Added to this the fact that shorter men tend to marry less (admittedly, this is likely a cause and effect relationship on at least some level), get divorced more, and have less children and the patterns that emerge are, while shocking, frustratingly predictable after a while.

That being said, learning how to grow taller, in and of itself, will not make you happier on its own. Sure, there is certainly something to be said for achieving your goal of increasing your height naturally and permanently, but height is not the only factor that will guarantee your successful life.

However, that being said, in a world that never plays by the rules almost no one would disagree that giving yourself the life that you want is immeasurably important and achieving the height that you want can go a long way in helping you lead the life you want.

As you are making your new year’s resolutions for 2011 and beyond, think about the life that you want to have for yourself. Just because you want to change something about yourself physically doesn’t make you narcissistic – not in the least. Just ask any one of the millions of people that make the resolutions to lose weight and get in better shape.