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How to Grow Taller Using Pilates

Although Pilates was never designed as a way how to grow taller, in recent years it has become known as one of the most effective methods of stretching exercises to increase height.  However, with that popularity comes some misconceptions about the true extent of what pilates is and is not capable of so this post will detail exactly how to grow taller using pilates.

Pilates is a conglomeration between the body and the mind using focused, specific stretching and exercises. Its name comes from Joseph H. Pilates, who is credited with its invention.  pilates was specifically designed to develop the entire body in a uniformly beneficial manner that develops endurance, flexibility, and strength (particularly core strength). Though pilates had begun to catch on with both medical and fitness experts by the late 60’s, Joseph Pilates’ death spurred a controversy of sorts from other parties that felt that while pilates was beneficial, it could be improved upon. This resulted in the various methods of pilates seen today. While many practitioners adhere to the fundamentals of the original design there are other schools of thought (Stott Pilates, for example) that have taken the original design and expounded upon it.

The most compelling accounts of pilates successfully helping people get taller are typically from people that have either suffered a decrease in height from age or suffered from bad posture before pilates helped straighten and optimize the way they carry themselves. Though there are rumors and speculation, pilates itself will not make anyone get taller in and of itself unless the person suffers from either of those two conditions. However, as said before, the exercises below can help strengthen and stretch the vital muscles necessary for permanent height increase and train the body how to grow taller naturally.

There are three pilates exercises that are most often attributed to strengthening these crucial support muscles and optimizing posture, thus contributing to growing taller:

The Hundred

The hundred is designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Strong abdominal muscles are crucial to optimal posture because they form a solid framework of sorts that supports the spine. To complete the hundred, lie on your back and pull your knees up to your chest. From this position, straighten your legs out in front of you while keeping your upper back and head lifted off the floor. The heels of your feet should be about 6” from the floor and your arms should be perfectly perpendicular to the floor as well, with your fingers pointing straight ahead. Hold this position for 10 restful, easy breaths in and out before bringing your knees back to your chest. Rest in this position for 10 restful, easy breaths and repeat 4 more times. As time goes by and the exercise gets easier, gradually increase the amount of repetitions. For example, if you perform the exercise three times per week, the second week you may want to increase from 5 reps to 7 and increase by two or three reps per week.

Scapular Isolations

Scapular isolations are a very important pilates exercise that can help straighten out unsightly and unhealthy forward slumping shoulders. Start the exercise seated on the floor and extend your arms forward. Spread your shoulder blades apart and then press them back together. Remember to conduct the entire exercise slowly and deliberately while using deep, controlled breaths. Perform this squeezing and expanding motion 20 times and then rest between 30 seconds and 1 minute. Perform a total of 5 sets of scapular isolations.

Breast Stroke Prep

Lie down on the floor on your stomach, lengthening your back by pulling your hip bones away from the floor and tucking your tail bone. You must maintain this position throughout the entire exercise so focus here is key. Keep your inner thighs squeezed together if possible, but if you feel pain in your lower back at any time you can try opening the distance between your hips just a bit for more comfort. Form a “W” with your arms (bend your elbows with your hands right above your shoulders) and allow your shoulders to roll forward, towards the floor. Remembering the position of your pelvis at all times, roll your shoulders back away from the floor and curl your upper body off the floor.  Your neck should always be in line with your spine and your back should be doing all of the work. Refrain from pushing away with your arms and keep your bottom ribs on the floor the entire time. Hold the risen position for 10 seconds and then allow your shoulders to roll back to the floor.  Repeat the motion five times.

Incorporate the pilates stretches into your stretching regimen once per day, three days per week. For example you can add them into your morning stretching routine Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Only perform them once on the days that you include them, but keep your normal stretching routine of twice per day as well.

Remember to only perform them once per day, not twice like the other grow taller exercises.