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How to Become Taller by Hanging

Hanging is not what any of us would call an “advanced” exercise by any means but can be a powerful arsenal in training your body how to become taller.  By all rights, all you’re doing is holding on to a bar and allowing your body weight to help uncompress your spine.  It’s a pretty simple maneuver, to say the least but in spite of this, hanging is one of the absolute best exercises you can do to train your body how to become taller.

In spite of its effectiveness, I feel compelled to point out that hanging is not always fun.  In fact, until you’ve built up your grip strength, hanging will probably be one of the most tedious height increasing exercises you will do.

It’s definitely difficult to acquire a grip that is strong enough to hang your whole body weight on a bar for an extended period of time.

Many people don’t even have a bar to hang on to.

Here’s where I show you a couple of tips to help you get the most out of your hanging so you will see how it is one of the most powerful ways to grow taller.

The first thing you obviously need is a bar.  Now, unless you already have some sort of home gym that has a stationary bar to hang on to, you’ve probably been scratching your head as to how you can perform this oh-so-important exercise effectively.

I installed a pullup bar in a doorway frame in my basement.  It installs easily within about 10 or 15 minutes with just a couple of screws.  But even the most expensive bar in the world isn’t going to help your grip, however.  So what I’ve found that has helped with this immensely is to use writs wraps.  They work like this:
You wrap the looped portion around your wrist and then the strap around the bar.  The friction this creates helps you keep your grip on the bar while you hang much, much more efficiently.  Bodybuilders use these straps to lift hundreds of pounds doing an exercise called “dead lifts” so you can be pretty well assured that they are strong enough to help you hold your body weight.

Now, you should be hanging for at least 30 minutes per week to get taller, but the more you can hang the more you get out of it.  That’s why I highly recommend that you are able to place a bar somewhere in your home and have access to some good wrist wraps.

You can also vary your grip on the bar to produce a variety of results.  A wider grip will help sculpt your shoulder and back muscles to create a more defined “V” shape after a while.  The wider grip is also harder.

Unless you are already comfortable with the hanging exercises, keep performing a close-hand grip for another two weeks or so and then you can graduate to a wider grip.  If you feel that you’re ready to graduate to the wide grip, then by all means, go for it.

The most important thing is to get your hanging time in for the week.