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How to Get Taller Naturally? They lied to us!

The issue of height has been largely overlooked by the masses because it is largely overshadowed by other issues of the human physiology that are relatively easier to address. One of the biggest of these is the issue of how to increase height with optimal body weight. Body weight, total body mass, and the ratio of body fat to total body weight are all very important human physiological issues to address since an obesity epidemic has a veritable stranglehold on the United States and other countries. Other issues that take precedence over human height include facial symmetry (a large indicator of what constitutes attractiveness), muscular development (strength training and exercise), and even human augmentation practices such as breast implants and hair restoration surgery.

Essentially, our culture has focused on issues that are relatively easier to address and manipulate than that of human height. The result is that the vast majority of people – many that include otherwise intelligent and astute physicians and scientists – are under the impression that human height is solely dictated by genetics.

It’s a huge lie.

But huge corporations and even the medical community revel in it. It’s no secret that the weight loss industry rakes in billions and billions of dollars year in and year out because people are desperately clinging at anything and everything that may actually help them lose weight. So the public is constantly fed “new” and “improved” diets, exercises, supplements, pills, drinks, techniques, strategies, and even surgeries that will be their saving grace. Yet for some reason, the obesity rates only climb higher and higher each year.

Simply put, huge corporations and – Yes, even the medical community – know that a repeat customer means more money. And if they actually provided a “real” solution to weight loss to their customers then those same customers wouldn’t come back year after year.

But human height is different than human weight and therein lies the answer…

Human height is more “concrete” than human weight. Human weight can fluctuate within days – even hours, at times – but the human height, for the most part, is relatively stable after the conclusion of puberty.*

(*Note – Human height can also fluctuate in hours as well, but that issue will be addressed very soon)

So we’re bombarded with the “latest” and “greatest” development in human weight loss formulas, pills, and concoctions every week because their developers (and more importantly, their marketers) know that these “solutions” only offer a temporary loss in weight, at best. And once the consumer’s weight yo-yo’s back up to what it once was, there is another “latest” and “greatest” weight loss solution scam just waiting to get their hopes back up.

To compound the web of lies spun by the medical community, corporations, and even the USDA, consider the fact that the USDA’s Food Pyramid lies to Americans on not only weight and health issues but also on how to grow tall because of its gross misinformation.

But the majority of them know that they can’t offer the same kind of solution for human height. And therein lies their problem. That’s why they simply keep the position that it can’t be manipulated. People expect results from their products – no matter how miniscule or temporary they may be. So for the large corporations and the “respected” medical community to offer a product that will enable someone to grow taller, they had better give at least some results.

But they haven’t figured out a way to bottle it. So they ignore the issue, saving their hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for product development research for quicker, easier problems to “solve.”

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